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Fall in love with the brilliant style and convenience offered by LaVida's set of four Wine Glasses Sprayed with Blue and Gold.

You've never seen a wine glass as graceful as LaVida's set of Wine Glasses sprayed with rich Blue and Gold. Possessing an enchanting, sleek structure and a captivating presence, these glasses are sure to add a touch of refinement to the big occasions. These glasses are delicate only in appearance, as a sturdy build makes them handy accessories for everyday use. Crafted beautifully with caring hands, these glasses reflect LaVida's promise of delivering both functionality and elegance. Each glass features a long, elegant stem that helps maintain the perfect temperature for your white wine, while also providing balance with its wide foot. With so many amazing qualities, get LaVida's Wine Glass today and flaunt your distinctive taste in glassware. You can also gift them to friends and family for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.