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The Watering Can Garden Low is a fabulous addition to gardens and a charming decorative item. Cleverly crafted using durable, premium quality metal material, it features a portable sized watering can which has an ergonomic handle that is user friendly and easy for customers to handle. This makes it quite easy for customers when irrigating their gardens and plants. The watering nozzle was also designed to ensure that the watering process is simple and stress free.

Have you ever though that watering cans could become a decorative item? At LaVida, everything is possible and that is why the artful design of this Watering Can Garden Low is simplistically stunning! On the exterior surface of the watering can is the iconic label of "PLANT & HERBS GARDEN" surrounded by flowers and the shape of love. It was produced by a company which has been in existence since 1560; hence, it can be trusted to deliver on its promise.