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R-N-A is a powerful, easy to use foliar spray, designed to help your plants build the perfect framework to support a massive yield.R-N-A works thanks to its unique combination of glycinated micronutrients married to a suite of specific amino and nucleic acids.

This combination up-regulates genes responsible for branching, stem girth and thickness as well as increasing the number of flowering sites. By doing this, we increase the plants carrying or support capacity. Studies have shown that when you increase a plants support or carrying capacity you increase its yield capacity.

When used correctly R-N-A will provide your plants with the framework to maximise the yield potential of your favourite flowering booster etc.

Prepares your plant to support much larger harvests. Longer branches, more internodes and thicker stems means your plant can support a much larger harvest!

The most powerful foliar spray on the market. R-N-A is without doubt the industry's most powerful foliar spray and the only one that has been shown to increase your yield!