Trinket Versailles Tango

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The Trinket Versailles Tango isn't like any other decorative glassware; it is an exquisite glass art! It is made in a perfectly round shape with exceptionally alluring design. Made in a dimension which measures the same 10.5 centimetres in height, width and length, it would charm its way into your hearts.

Did you know that the use of glass material started among the ancient Egyptians? Since then, the use of glass material has become so diversified to the extent that it is widely used in several decorative as well as functional ways. The Trinket Versailles Tango is one of the several decorative ways in which glasses are now being used. Singularly, it would create the perfect ornamental backdrop, but as a set, it would greatly heighten the ambiance of the room. The glass can also be used in a practically functional way such as by melting wax into it and utilising it as a tea-light holder.