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Style & Storage: The best of both worlds!

No more will your baubles and trinkets take up room in your kitchen drawer or be misplaced amidst the clutter of other items. Now you can store your most precious tiny treasures in STYLE in this adorable case that screams "FUN" and “FUNCTIONAL” at the same time.

Embellished with a rich black finish, it boasts a smooth quality about it that makes it easy to move around on the table or shelf without attracting too much attention. With its sturdy glass body carved into a cylindrical shape, it features a lidded top that keeps things safe and secure, making it the ideal gift for any jewellery lover.

Handcrafted to be lightweight yet durable, this ceramic case will make you feel as though you are traveling back in time to a more luxurious era as it resembles vintage jewellery boxes. If that’s not all; it can hold your hairbands, socks, or any other accessories you don't want to have to clutter the place. Or sometimes it's just the perfect place for an emergency mirror!