Trinket Ribb Ebony

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You have losing them -after all, they make up your tiny little treasure trove of most loved things-your trinket collection is what makes you look super special each time you wish to accessorize and keeping them in the safest way is utmost priority. Here is a trinket case made from fine quality sturdy glass- given a matt black finish on the surface and designed in the most subtle of patterns.
When it come to adding more and more to your trinket collection-it seem an easy kind of an addition to fall prey to. But keeping them well within reach when you need to dress up in hurry or to keep them in a safe little space -takes a bit of organizational impetus. Here is one in the form of a trinket case made from glass. The peaked top has a knob that helps you grip it well. Its toothed edges fit in well with the zig zag of the lower base. The height of the case is all of 9 cm and its diameter is 7 cm, making it quite compact-the desk-top kind where you could keep your earrings or the ring. It would look stunning in its matt black look. Place this on the bedside for all those moments when you need to take off those studs and don't wish to get out of bed to do so. Will make a cool and stunning statement atop any table or shelf.