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The Tommy Long Reach is the perfect tool to help you light your charcoal, candles, or BBQ.

This long-reach lighter extends to give you extra reach to access those hard-to-reach areas without burning yourself. The flame height is adjustable to give you more control over your fire and the windproof design ensures that no matter what the weather, you'll always be able to get a light.

This premium Long Reach lighter has a sleek design and comes with an adjustable flame nozzle.

Whether you’re grilling at home, heading to a sporting event, getting ready to warm up by the fireplace, or lighting candles for a special occasion, the Tommy Long Lighter is the essential tool to safely and conveniently light all indoor and outdoor lighting needs. These high-performing, long-lasting lighters feature a long, durable wand to keep hands away from fire, and they have a child-resistant mechanism that is 100% quality inspected.

Keep away from children. No lighter is child-proof. There is no substitute for proper adult supervision. Read all warnings before using this product.