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The Tommy is inspired by innovation and quality. Built using state-of-the-art technology, the Tommy has been designed and tested in Adelaide, South Australia. This is an affordable premium quality portable jet torch. It powers a robust double or single jet flame and is ignited by the single-action push trigger located at the top. The 1300 degree flame is fueled by the large butane reservoir which is positioned vertically to increase overall fuel capacity to 50% above the average Jet Torch, requiring less frequent refills.

The Tommy can be found across Australia, in Melbournes Bar Scene, Sydneys premium cigar lounges, and dental and orthodontic clinics. And of course, found in Tommy's backyard. He uses it to light his webers and cigars!

Come in a beautiful high-quality gift bag, making it the ultimate gift to you or a friend.

Features are:

- Burns at 1300c

- Instant ignite of both jets

- Adjustable jets (size of flame)

- Refillable

- Can isolate a single jet or Double

- Can lock the lighter on

- Can stand upright

- Wind Resistant 2 Torch Flame

- Stainless steel finish for high-end and premium look and feel