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Built with a wide display length of 60 centimetres, this Step Stool/Display Small affords you and your customers a variety of functional usefulness. It is made of 100% natural wood carefully selected to provide long lasting usage and then crafted by highly skilled carpenters. The wide frame is supported by a strong back brace which is foldable for easy storage option when not in use.
The Step Stool/Display Small is a 2 step 60 centimetres wide display stand made from carefully selected 100% organic wood. It is crafted in a sturdy design with a foldable back brace. The brace at the back supports the wide display frame so that the display stand wouldn't collapse under the weight of whatever is displayed on it. It can also be used as a stepping staircase for porches that might be a bit high as is the case with many country homes. It is then painted in an immaculate white palette which is certain to fit into any decorative setting in which you and your customers might intend to use it.
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 60x47x37cm