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All white and so very bright as if the blue of the summer sky was used to get the right color for printing this message - this is most certainly one of those plaques that will tell all on the decor of the space and if your heart is the kind that yearns for the beach and the innumerable hours you can be at the beach, this is the sign board for you.

Homes can be done up with small little accents and that could altogether change the way one imagines the theme to be. Sign boards are all about expressing ideas that reflect our mind set and a huge range of them on offer from Lavida would be a superb way of building in a summer or ocean theme in your home. Make collection of these accents and feel the way the theme comes alive. This MDF sign board is barely 15 cm in dimension being square - it will be able to slip between shelves and sit tidily in walls and the tables that could do with some color and fun. The sparkling white adds t that sense of summery charm while the blue is magnetic in its color resolution which has indeed been done with the finest kind of printing. Steeped in freshness of white , the blue of the sky as if residing in it, this is the kind of sign board that can make all the difference to that dull little space that you so want to make attractive.