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All gardeners will find themselves with some unwanted fungus, with Sharp Shooter Rid A Rot you can easily remove them! Unwanted fungus can cause various diseases on your plants, so why let all that hard work go to waste when a simple treatment will fix them right up!

Rid a Rot controls and prevents collar rot in citrus/ornamentals, root rot in citrus/avocadoes/ornamentals, and downy mildew in grapes in the home garden.

Phosphorous acid, which is used by commercial growers to prevent diseases from infecting plants for many years. Sharp Shooter’s Rid a Rot Systemic Fungicide is a low toxicity fungicide in a convenient and easy to use liquid form. Rid a Rot is absorbed by the leaves and travels down to the root of the plant. Used regularly, this systemic fungicide provides a defense for your plants against diseases, making them healthier and more productive.