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There are three distinctive features that make this Serving Board Rd White edge stand out among the rest. These are its premium quality, carefully selected wooden material; it's perfect round shapeliness; and the bright white painting on the edges of the serving board. Apart from these distinctive features, it also has an ergonomic handle which offers comfort in grip and handling.
Upon just the first look, customers might be lured into thinking that this Serving Board Rd White edge is a tennis bat. But, upon a second or closer look, they would soon realised with self-amusement that they were wrong, this is an actual, functional cooking and serving board! At that point, they would love to get one so as to cause a stir at family dinner or dinners with friends and colleagues. It would certainly be a conversation starter. After use, all that needs being done is to simply clean with a clean piece of damp cloth and hang it up.