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Use it to serve chunks of cheese, or fruit bread or fresh batch of dinner rolls hot from the oven, there is something truly organic about serving on wooden boards which makes the usage of this board so great. Placed on the dining table it will create just the right style statement if you want your table setting to look fresher and create a look of farm freshness about your food serving.

Works wonderfully like a regular platter, this oblong shaped fir wood fabricated serving board is great for serving breads-in fact for whole loaves that need to be sliced and served fresh, and also for cheeses. One could sue it for carving meats as well as serving it on the same platter. Would look especially great on tables that are gearing up for a celebratory occasion. Add more such organically designed serve ware from us that use wood and it would create a perfect pairing. The surface of the wooden board shows off the gorgeous grains like a design that it inherently enjoys. The knots and the slight irregularities are so natural that one would consider them a beauty spot on its face. The structure of the board is such that one end has a sight handle like protrusion carved from wood itself that naturally endows it with a handle like shape. The plater could be easily cleaned with a wipe of damp cloth.

While not in use for regular serving use it to place fruits on the sideboard or the dining table.