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Green Farm House uses many native ingredients combining them with traditional herbs and spices to create seasoning and combined a salt blend to complement current: "food fashion".

Boobialla Seasoning 70gm Jar

This new spice blend reflects Australia’s national flower, the acacia or wattle. It also represents the sunshine that bathes our land. Boobialla is the common name for the bushes that fringe the coast in the South Eastern part of Australia. The Boandik Tribe jealously guarded access to the fruity bushes and would often defend their prize in a warlike fashion. They cooked and ate the green pods as we would use green beans.
Dried roasted wattle seeds along with pepperleaf form an integral marriage with traditional spices, to give a tasty seasoning. Stir fry chicken or vegetables with Boobialla Seasoning or sprinkle over fish before baking or grilling.

Ozzie Dukkah 70gm Jar

Have a drink – your favourite bread dipped in Virgin Olive Oil and Ozzie Dukkah. Give your hamburgers a lift, add Ozzie Dukkah instead of breadcrumbs.

Coriander, seed, sesame seed, Quandong kernels, wattle seed, salt and spices. 

Coolamon Herbs 50gm Jar

Unique Australian flavours specially developed for seafood cookery, green in colour, symbolising the sea. A combination of parsley with Australian lemon myrtle and dried muntries which grow near the coast. Lemon peel and other selected herbs and spices all together offer a memorable taste experience.
Use Coolamon Herbs for grilling stir-fries, barbecues and marinades.

Corroboree Dust 80gm Jar

A tribe of traditional aborigines preparing for a ceremonial dance. Their bodies are painted with white and ochre pigments and decorated with feathers and animal skins.
Where they live in inland Australia the earth is red, when they dance the corroboree the dust that flies is red. The seeds and nuts used in the dry spice blend are some of the traditional Aboriginal foods. The spice is red coloured hence the name corroboree dust. The ingredients used to create this spice are all natural products, GMO free with with no chemical additives. They include native pepperleaf, Kurrajong seeds, garlic and conventional spices. Corroboree dust gives an added flavour dimension and is especially good with red meats.

Pepper Power Lemon 80gm Jar

Vegetables and poultry dishes can also be enhanced. Use as a replacement for lemon pepper. A sprinkle of Pepper Power over salad or vegetables or around the platter gives a professional touch to the presentation of food.