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Floral themed products are some of those unique products that are constantly in demand in the market. This is because flowers have, is, and will always continue to be a charmer for many centuries to come. Often given as a symbol of love, this set of three pots can also be given to family, friends, and colleagues. Each of the planters is glazed in beautiful floral patterns which looks absolutely amazing!

The Pot S/3 French Navy would make a perfect substitute for flowers as a gift item. It has its exterior surface glazed in beautiful French floral patterns contributing to its overall decorative appeal. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it also possesses immense practically functional capabilities. With each of the three planting pots in this set moulded using durable serving terracotta earthenware material, you can rest assured of customer satisfaction when they buy these pots. You could choose to sell the three as a set or sell each individually.