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The Pot Curve S/2 Textured is a recently added planting pot to our lovely collection of terracotta planting pot. Moulded in a cylindrical shape using top quality terracotta earthen ware material, it has the traditional resilience often associated with terracotta materials. It would especially be suitable in growing several varieties and categories of plants including ornamentals, veggies, spices, etc.
There is a special joy that comes with growing plants with one's hand. This reason coupled with the freshness and ornamental beauty that plants add to living spaces are some of the reasons why this Pot Curve S/2 Textured would be a much welcomed planting pot among our customers as it would afford them the opportunity to grow several varieties of plants while at the same time, beautifying the decorative ambiance of such a place. It comes as a set containing two differently sized pots. The smaller pot measures 16.5 centimetres in length and width while the lager pot in the set measures 21 centimetres.
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Size: L:21x21x18cm S:16.5x16.5x13cm
  • Packaging:
    • Weight: 4.35kg
    • Length: 23.00cm
    • Width: 23.50cm
    • Height: 22.00cm