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The Pot S/2 Funky Teal is a set of planting pots with unique features and distinctive appeal. It is made of top quality terracotta earthenware material which offers your customers a long lasting, durable functionality. It is made in a cylindrical shape with its exterior painted in two pretty colours of teal and navy blue. This choice of bluish-green and navy blue palette gives it a bright decorative allure.

This lovely pot was deliberated made and sold as a set consisting of two different sizes so that your customers would have enough options to explore especially in all of their planting endeavours. Customers can choose to grow plants such as herbs and spices using the small sized planter while they would probably opt to grow flowers and veggies using the large sized version. Aside its practical plant growing functionality, it would also be a perfect ornament with which customers can elevate the appeal of their interior décor.