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It's sturdy in structure, matt black in colour- the dark metal tops sitting on top of three-legged stand, make the set of planters a must-have for all those wanting to start a green corner. The deep colour of the metal planter sets of the vibrancy of the plants in the best possible way. Most attractive of course is the matt black that adds to its modern chic look. Go on, with an accessory as beautiful as this, creating a green corner or a nature-based decor, can be the simplest thing to do.

Usher in the vibrancy of nature into your interiors with the right choice in planter. And this set-in matte black colour as to the gorgeousness of your greens. Made of metal, the cut-out pattern all over the planter shows of its details. The tripod like legs as to its modern chicness. Please set an any corner of your room, and it is sized in such a way that it could be placed at top tables as well. Simple cut out design featuring leaves, its minimal and starkly simple, with only the cut-out design as an embellishment. Sure to give your plants the best possible advantage when displayed in the gorgeous little tubs. While the smaller one has a total height of 40.5 cm, the larger has a height of 48.5 cm.