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Some gifts don't quite fit into the same niche as others-because they go beyond their looks and purpose-much like this little llama here-quite a personality it has thus instantly connecting with any one who sets their eyes on its fluffy white fur and its colourful collar. Adorable and cuddlesome -this makes wonderful addition to your child's collection of little cuddlesome wonders and would surely make a great gift for anyone who likes things soft fluffy and cheerful.

Llamas have regaled everyone with their cute little antics-the spitting-those large eyes that seem to speak of their naughty nature and the fact that they come from lands that are faraway ad filled with a certain adventure-this llama too carries the same back story which makes it very presence so enigmatic, made from super sift white plush , it has been given this multicoloured collar that adds to its superb looks. Not too large, it should easily be able to balance on table tops, little shelves and of course simply lie around in all those spaces where your kids like to play. Will retain its softness despite much cuddling and playing, easy to wash and clean to renew its looks. Its dark eyes, pert little head that is arched upwards give sit very curious kind of an expression adding to its attractiveness.