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Planters Turtle Shell is a collection of two elegant pieces inspired by the mid-century crafting motif with metal. Its textured pattern, with its distressed finishing, has the propensity for durability. It is a perfect product that serves ceremonial as well as decorative purposes. This metal planter is functional to pot household plants, herbs, and spices. It is an exotic centrepiece piece with a scute mosaic texture that makes a statement on its own.

Planter Turtle Shell is made wholly from the larger half of the Earth's crust. This metal material has varying properties like hard, shiny, strong, durable, and natural lustre. These properties are transferred to the planter, making it a top choice among interior designers. Asides from its mechanical advantages, this planter is also visually and aesthetically pleasing. This metal ornament has a rustic design for beautification purposes, fulfilling the ideal planter's description to add extravagance to one's interior, porch, or entryway.