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The Planters Black Gold Small S/2 is a fabulous addition to gardens as it is highly functional in growing a huge variety of plants ranging from decorative plants to edibles such as vegetables, spices, and even herbs. This black beauty is made of top quality metal material which is elaborately ornamented with lovely patterns and traced using white lacquer.

Standing on a tripod connected metallic stand into which the large cylinder shaped planters are inserted, each of the two planters in this set has a firm support. Sold as a set comprised of two different sizes, the Planters Black Gold S/2 are two ornately designed planters that are not only functional in being used to grow several species of plants, but primarily ornamental with its classic generally black painted palette which sports a gold coloured rim and patterns outlined in white. The large planter is 47 centimetres tall while the smaller sized planter is 37 centimetres tall.