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Finding the right planters for your green glories will help make them more displayable and ready to be admired for their absolute beauty and this cement-made planter does just that. Stands on three slanted legs - this cement planter with its unpretentious simple look will hold your greens and make them not just look great but help elevate the shorter stemmed plans so that they are more visible. A great means to add a layered look to your nature-based corner.
Made of superior quality cement - it is white has been given a ribbed kind of textured look and has wide 17 cm wide inner space. The legs add additional height to it and thus it all together is 22.5 cm tall. This is an advantage especially if you wish to display short-stemmed plants that would otherwise be not seen with taller plants around - or when you wish to create a double layer of the display. Made from white cement, its pattern is totally simple and thus adds that modern kind of flair to the look of the space. You could use several of them to create that layered kind of display be it in the outdoors or inside your home as well. It's got a fine finish that despite its simplicity will look stunning.