Planter White Ribb Cylinder

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The advantage of this white planter lies as much in its unique chic styling as in its beautiful pattern on the outside - the chicness arises from the circular pattern on white cement - subtle yet visible - and the fact that the planter comes table designed on three legs that keep it well balanced. A perfect pick if you are looking to plant some taller plants.
Giving your plants the advantage of fine quality planters makes a great deal of sense - after all, they are what makes your plant get the much - needed vantage spot for a great display. This cement made planter is up on a stand that has three legs. The total height being 23 cm makes it large enough and deep enough to house tall plants with ease. Will look especially charming when you need to give the smaller plants a more elevated look as well. The tubs are curving in the exterior with a gorgeous pattern that sets off their white look all the more splendidly. Will refresh your greens with a whole new look and help create that stunning nature - based corner. The legs will help stabilise this tub helping it stand as well balanced even with a tallish plant placed in it. Add more such tubs on legs and create a slightly elevated display to set off as a backdrop for more foliage.