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Greens bring a touch of softness to your urban home and making that possible is a set of planters on offer from Lavida sure to help make your green treasures look their best. Made from terracotta this pastel coloured planter is perfect for small to medium plant. Go on - create that green corner you always wanted - dress up at window sill with blooms and Greens to make an impression most beautiful.

Adding plants to any space instantly connects it to things natural and beautiful and hence displaying plants is the best way to update the look of any space. The right choice of planters plays an active role in initiating this change and hence this pastel colour Terracotta made planter will do the needful. Sized to hold a small to medium plant - it's a great way to begin that green corner that you always wanted. It has a unique modern and abstract look pattern on the front. Soft pastel colour will help it blend in easily. It will hold a clay or a plastic pots in its receptacle with ease. Simple chic and modern - it's in the minimalism of things that designs are getting a new kind of life and this Terracotta planter is proof of that.