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The Planter Tentacle Medium has an uncompromising design that is sure to please quite a lot of your customers as it is made using premium quality stoneware ceramic material skilfully moulded in a medium sized bowl shape and glazed in a glossy appealing pastel palette. It can be placed and used to decorate balconies, window ledges, laundry rooms, patios, hallways, porches, etc.

Sporting ornamental panache achieved through the sagacious combination of premium quality material composition, cool chic colour saturation, defined shapeliness and nature inspired motif, the Planter Tentacle Medium is truly an exemplar of true craftsmanship. It is moulded using stoneware ceramic in a medium sized bowl shape with a scaly exterior similar to that of crocodiles. It is then hand glazed in cool palette. Customers would find it functional in growing several plants and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Please note that there might be differences in colour and finishes since every piece is hand glazed. There are 16 in every carton you order.