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Having artful inspiration from the modern world and emanating playful sophistication, this Tall Moroc planter set delivers striking style to any home or office. There are two pots of the same design in this set but they are of different sizes and placed on metal stands to keep them off the floor making them ideal vessels for your favourite potted plants.

Perfect for snake plants, palm trees, bamboo plants, succulents or crocus, this set is an example of luxury meets affordability and complements modern-themed settings. Made of metal with painted designs, these planters let you display your favourite plant or a floral arrangement with elegance and have a great visual appearance. They will be a great addition to the front entrance especially if you have a few steps that lead up to your front door so that you can add one on each step! Since these are handcrafted items there might be imperfections so please see the given disclaimer and images carefully before ordering.