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The large irregular sized spots of white on the cinnamon-coloured backdrop makes this such a delightfully modern and chic looking planter for your displays. The bright colour and the delectable glaze on the ceramic exterior speaks of the crafting that makes it so great. You could combine this with other planters in the cinnamon-coloured ranges available to create a unique kind of display.

The planter sits on tiny legs that hold it in perfect balance. About 14 cm in height, it should be able to hold a medium to small sized plant-perhaps a flowering one or a foliar-its simple design sure to help make it settle into any space. Will be most suited for small to medium sized flowering or foliar plants. Will look positively lively and charming helping wake up the nature theme in any space. Will team up well with all other kinds of ceramic choices. Modern and chic in its look-the simple irregular dot design is the kind to shake the space out of its dullness and invite whole new vibrancy there and more so with the presence of plants, you will now be able to give your interior spaces a touch of green with stylish little twist.