Planter Rust Truck

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Please note: The rust finish is handcrafted and may display character imperfections.
Many things in your indoors and outdoors leave an impression and if you are a plant lover you would surely want your plants displays to do the same - why not give them the advantage of the same great status you have in your decor by adding these whimsical planters abiding wholeheartedly to your love for the antique and shabby chic theme. This rusty rickety old truck shaped planter makes way for more such quirky designs to begin whole new look for your corner.

It can be great fun to add quirky planters to make your green corner truly come alive with some serious kind of challenge to your décor indoors. This metal made plant holder is shaped like a pick up with a rusty metal structure and space at the back for holding a planter. Small enough to fit into corner where it surely will create quite a stir of interest. The versatility of the piece lies in the hooks attached to one side which allows it to be a railing planter as well. The empty truck back could thus be used as much vertically as it could be used laterally. The height of the truck is 20 cm and its length from the edge of the hood to the tail is 38 cm. The depth is 15 cm making it perfect for small to medium pots that would get accommodated with ease. Go on and add more such delightfully designed planters to your collection and help your balcony and outdoors spaces acquire just the right kind of ambiance it needs.