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The Planter Palm Cove XL is an extra-large, extra-lovely planting pot that is deliberately crafted in an extra-large size so that your customers can grow and/or display whatever variety of plants their hearts desire. This is why it is made in a large-sized cylindrical-shaped dimension which is as large as 26.5 centimetres in length, 26.5 centimetres in width and a whopping 27 centimetres in height.

One of the standout features which make this Planter Palm Cove XL a uniquely appealing planter is the fact that it artfully combines together, two natural motifs, in order to produce a single coast, themed decoration. Having its interiorly glazed in smooth immaculate white, the exterior of this planter, on the other hand, is ornamented through several depictions of tall palm trees and the image of a cool and calm ocean. Together, this produces an alluring image that is familiar to those who reside around coastal regions or those who love going to the beach on vacation or weekend getaways.