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It is almost unbelievable that this stunningly beautiful Planter Metal Lotus w/Stand is made wholly of metal alone. Ingeniously crafted in the shape and likeness of the beautiful lotus flower, this planter is to enhance the decorative ambiance of your customer's interior and exterior decorations. The 23 centimetres wide lotus shaped metallic planter is braced firmly by four strong metallic legs which add to its overall ornamental appeal and planting functionality.

Lotus flowers are a delicate kind of flower which is often incorporated into festive decorations such as weddings, Christmases, birthdays, New Year celebrations, and many other festive occasions. As a result, this lotus designed and patterned planter would also be suitable for decorating such important festive celebrations. It features a top which is crafted in an enfolding pattern like the petals of a lotus flower. This is then borne up by four sturdy legs which provide firm support. It is then luxuriously coated in the colour of gold.