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The Planter Blue BrushStroke Lrg is made in a large sized cylindrical shaped dimension which measures 20.5 centimetres in its length, 20.5 centimetres in its width and sits comfortably on any even surface at a height measuring 21.5 centimetres. This large size moulding ensures that your customers can grow as many plants of their choice as they wish while consuming little horizontal space in the process.

Supported by four short and sturdy stands which promise to hold up the weight of this planter as well as whatever plant is being grown or displayed inside. The Planter Blue BrushStroke Lrg is artfully moulded through the use of premium quality ceramic material in a vertically inclined cylindrical shape having both its interior and exterior glazed in immaculate white palette; except for the planter's exterior middle section. This middle section is hand painted in such a way that the horizontal stroke of the paint brush is visible with various shades of grey, black and blue.