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Handcrafted and painted item - imperfections and variations in colour and finish will occur.
The Planter Barnacle Small is the smallest in the series of charming planters we have decided to call Planter Barnacle. This particularly small variant measures just 10.5 centimetres in length, 10 centimetres in breadth, and 9 centimetres in height. It is designed for customers who love the decorative and practical functionality of the bigger variants but who are constrained by the space the larger variants would take.
Portable, pretty, and particular, the Planter Barnacle Small is a distinguished planter that many customers must have been searching for. It is a planter that combines planting usefulness with decorative beauty and portability. It is one thing for customers to love a planter; it is yet another crucial factor if they don't have space for it at home. For those with stringent space constraint, they will find this Planter Barnacle Small just perfect! Due to its portability, it can be placed on top of window ledges, tables, countertops, and wherever else your customer feels okay with.