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The lush green presence of plants in your interiors can be the beginning of a whole new story in your décor. They bring a fresh vibrancy, colour, and of course the lushness of colours that is unmatched and making that happen 3ityh ease are plant stands on offer from Lavida. Here the intricate metal pattern in chevron style combines with a timber-made top to give your planters the right kind of height and advantage.

When displaying your green treasures, the role of plant stands can be quite important as they give the right kind of advantage to your treasur4es, here the set comes in two different sizes-one lower than the other. The round shape, the metal body with its delightful pattern, the washed in the white freshness of the pattern, and the fact that its earthy chicness awaits the arrival of plants make them so desirable. While the larger of the two has a 30 cm diameter top, the smaller one is at 25 cm, you may use this like any other tabletop too and could place smaller plants on the lower one while the higher one could hold a lamp adding illumination to the spot. There are so many ways to help make your green corner a unique space.