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Plant Holder Wooden is a hollow design made from solid wood. This beautiful wooden piece is elegant and durable, the ideal piece for planter boxes with soft bottoms, also for some clients who adore greenery.

Plant Holder Wooden is placed on the ground used to hold faux plants, which rule out the fear of the plant dying due to lack of skills or attention. Plants are natural splendour, and they give ethereal touch regardless of where they are fixed. This faux plant can be used on the front porch or the mudroom in the bid to creating a tranquil aura. Plant Holder Wooden also offers support to planters with a large plant because of the unusual proportion that makes planters topples over. Because of its fine grain and natural pattern, the wooden product brightening up some dark accents. Wood is an organic, thereby able to live unto the rest of the furniture. This piece is designed for medium-sized plants, carved with premium quality wood.