Paperweight Octopus Dark

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Its myriad colours will implore you to hold it against the light to catch every nuance of its beauty -after all, glass is one of the mediums that seldom hides what it holds within and this fascinating creature from the deep sea has been lifted up to quite another level of stunning beauty, made by experts who know the art of perfect glass shaping, it’s a great means to keep loose sheets of paper tame, as much as to add that vibrancy of colours to your desk.
Give your work desk or study the touch of marine wonder with this delightful looking paper weight, made from glass. The expertise in the inking of the glass in such a huge array of colours, and the shape too has been perfect replicated, the weightiness of the piece will ensure that it sits flat and grip sheets that are placed underneath, made from high quality glass that sparkles when cleaned, its colours decidedly are its most beautiful feature as is its compact size that makes it suitable for all desks. Add the zesty octopus with its tentacles beautifully formed, splayed across sheets that would otherwise fly all over the place. The width of the coloured glass octopus is 16 cm while right from the round mind like head with its tiny beady eyes to the flat shaped base its height is a mere 6 cm. A wonderful means to lift the boredom around your desk.