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Like the Pinkprint Album, the Paperweight Jellyfish Large Pink has a mystery all its own that demands deeper attention to unravel it. While you use it to hold down your most important documents, go on the deepest imaginative journeys as you are drawn to the clear jellyfish entrapped within. Get the Paperweight Jellyfish today

The Paperweight Jellyfish Pink is sure to lighten up your table like the North Star on a Christmas Tree. It is ideal for adding the vibes of the ocean view splendour to your home décor, apart from its primary function as a paperweight. The clear view it affords is also quite sure to lighten the heaviest of moods. You might think that we're blowing it out of proportion, but wait till it adorns your work table. Wait till it keeps everything in their right place on your table while you focus on the task at hand.