Paperweight Fish Green Stripe

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This is a gorgeous hand-blown glass fish in clear glass is exquisitely painted in hues of green, white and blue as if the colours are encased in glass. It is truly stunning from any angle and the clarity of the glass is outstanding. Beautiful to look at, it can be used by itself as an artistic statement or as a paperweight.
The tiny individual bubbles at the side of the fish seem ready to rise to the surface and you can imagine this fish gliding in the currents of the river or sea!
Each paperweight is individually blown and so it is unique onto itself making it a treasured addition to any glass collection. Crafted from high-quality glass, this reflects the artistic brilliance and adds elegance to any work table. Not only will this eye-catching piece of utility adorn the table top but it will also keep the desk organized by holding down papers, sketches and documents.