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Fill it with nuts or simply use it to serve ramen or sauces-there is always the need for that useful little bowl when you serve. This comes with a simple blue striped pattern that has been hand painted. The small bowl has deep indigo stripes that adorn its exterior and interiors. Made to impress with its glaze and its sturdy yet simple design.

When updating the serve are for your casual usage do consider this handcrafted range on offer from Lavida. Modern and chis-this simple striped in blue ceramic bowl has been crafted using traditional methods and then hand painted, which gives it its unique look. Will hold those nuts you like to munch on or be that soup or ramen bowl. It comes with a deep exquisite glaze that speaks of its perfect crafting. About 10 cm in depth and 14 cm in diameter-it has the right kind of size for multiple usage. Will clean easily and retain its bright colour. The white shall continue to sparkle in its brilliance. Sturdy well designed and looks elegant on any table. Create your own set of larger and smaller such bowls.