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Australian native foods are creeping into mainstream food preparation. 

  • Nut free
  • Gluten free
  • 100% australian made

Drovers Salt 120gm Jar

This all in one seasoning was developed to replace the numerous jars of spices that crowd our cupboards. It combines sea salt, native peppercorns, and saltbush flakes with other herbs and spices, to create a versatile flavouring addition to almost any food. It is convenient for camping or picnics, with only one jar to pack!
The salt can be sprinkled over food before cooking, or used at the table as a condiment.

 Sunaami Salt 150gm Jar

Straight from the sea, combined with seaweed, horseradish, and dill. Use as a rub for beef fillets/roasts & on fish for a unique tide of flavour.

Salt with Attitude 150gm Jar

As the name suggests this combination of salt/seasoning has character.
Blending sea salt, black pepper and bush tomatoes with chilli and selected aromatic seeds have produced an intensely flavoured salt for those with a sense of adventure.
Salt with Attitude is fabulous on red meat, prawns, eggs and potatoes, either before or after cooking. Imagination is the only limitation for this great seasoning.