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Spartan in deign yet filled with certain classic look that simple designs always bring to your spaces - add that all important touch of modern new look to your spaces that could do with some centring. Made from a very industrial feel material - all metal and reflective glass, it has all that it takes to give you the right kind of brightness and focal strength on the walls.

Here is a splendid means to lend your modern interiors the look of spaciousness and brightness. The simple round mirror is all of 99.5 cm in diameter and lends any large wall the much - needed focal strength. Here is a great means to ensure that your room is touched with the right kind of focal strength. The fact that it has no embellishment makes it the perfect choice for any kind of setting in terms of decor themes. The size of the mirror is great for small spaces that need more brightening up - and the fact that it is a mere 3 feet in diameter fits it well into small wall spaces that play a role in brightening up the entire room. The clean simple curved design with a sleek thin frame adds to its charm. after all, the minimalism that seem to be most popular in - home decor is exactly looking for additions such as this.