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Mini Draws is the final product of ancient flair for rattan weaving. The retro-themed design features woven rattan fronts and a contrasting black frame. Its beautifully carved single spacious drawer open to reveal storage space to contain serving ware, and tableware, and water-view. This drawer looks like a prized antique to conceal remote, magazines or books in the living room or bedroom.

The rectangular-shaped drawer is a conversation starter that breathes country classic touch into one's space. What's more? It's the perfect deal for any contemporary styled home. This versatile item can be a makeshift coffee table or a nightstand drawer. Constructed from solid pine and metal, each piece is unique, custom made for you. Mini Draws is astonishingly strong, built with the proclivity to last long. Its sturdy metal legs guarantee solidness, accentuating a ball top that gives it a style boost. Also, this ball top prevents the drawer from making dents and scratches on the floor surface.