Med-Tek Super Silica 1L

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Super Silica (K SiO2)

Super Silica is the most concentrated agricultural grade liquid silica product on the market today. When Super Silica is compared to most other brands, when applied at an equivalent ml/L usage rate, it proves to provide significantly more ‘Plant Available Silicon’ (PAS) to hydroponic solutions.

NPK 0 – 0 – 20 as K2O
31 % SiO2 (14.95% Si)
14.1% Plant available Silicon (PAS) determined by the American Association of Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) approved 5-day method

Recommended usage rate 0.25ml/L
Usage at 0.25ml/L results in approx. 66 ppm K and 59.8 ppm Si in solution