MED-TEK Coir Flores A & B 1L

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Coir Flores is developed specifically to maximise coconut coir grown crop production during flower. Loaded in calcium and magnesium to offset CEC site binding in coir substrates and with an ideal NPK ratio to optimise yields, Coir Flores represents the cutting edge of contemporary knowledge re coir specific plant nutrition.



Coir Flores is a highly concentrated, mineral dense formula to ensure growers are getting great value for money.

For recommended usage rate, see feed chart

NPK  5 – 3 – 8 as P2O5 and K2O

EC when used at a given ml per litre usage rate (all tests carried out in distilled water)

 2ml/L – EC is 1.33 mS/cm
3ml/L – EC is 1.9 mS/cm
4ml/L – EC is 2.6 mS/cm