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The quintessential travel diary which can be your companion through all the exciting travel plans that you have. If that is where your heart lies - this journal quality notebook should be your companion for all your travel writings, observations and musings. Make this leather backed notebook the treasure trove of all your thoughts and see how its value will increase beyond just its looks.

Those who love to travel have heads filled with so many ideas, observations, anecdotes and recordings - some of academic interest and many that will liven up their present many years thereafter. If your pictures can help you relive the moment, so can your words and verbal recordings and what could be better than maintaining that in notebook that lays out what a travellers' heart yearns to say. The leather cover is supple yet strong - well cured and the kind that should see one through much rough usage. As the leather wears and folds - the ageing will add more charm. Adequately endowed with pages that should see your through much usage. The tie up feature will ensure that your precious words are not folded and torn. The soft brown colour and the words printed in black lend it a look of antiquity and class that is subtle in styling and robust in design details to ensure that the notebook should remain well bound and intact after much usage.