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You would notice the medallion right away - gleaming as it is on the white backdrop - as if a talisman that shows you the path to a higher thinking. Here is a truly antique look journal quality leather backed notebook that combines the plushness and sophistication of leather with the flamboyance of metal and presents a design that anyone who cares for great quality stationery would be proud to own.

There are very few feelings that can match up to the feel of a great quality book or notebook opening page after page as you leaf though it. When you get yourself this white leather covered notebook from Lavida, the feeling of heritage automatically can be felt - could be because of the handcrafted nature of its crafting, or the fact that many tiny processes have ensured that it gets this truly unique look and feel. The gorgeous white leather has a design that is subtle yet hard to miss. The medallion is tied up with a leather string that adds a dash of magic to its design. The sheets held within are superior quality and the binding is strong and solid. The notebook opens up wide yet the binding does not give way which speaks of its great quality. The stitch design in white leather string, the delicate look of its rounded sides and the elastic band that keeps the cover together makes this diary a wonderful gift for someone who love quality stationery. Makes for a great journal or a desk top diary for all your daily musings.