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The pink and yellow roses form this gorgeous cascade of beauty on the outer surface of this cup. The shape is cylindrical as it sits on its round base and rises 8 cm to a smooth top. The cup will make your tea time feel special and also lend lots of elegance and charm to the way your sideboard looks when displayed there. Give your love for tea drinking a touch of wonderful handcrafted ceramic that will make the entire tea drinking experience all the more special.

Add a touch of graceful charm that floral patterned tea drinking cups can bring to your special moment of the day. Made from fine quality ceramic that has a great looking gentle sheen on the exterior. It flaunts a white base with a pink, yellow and green floral rendition. The quality of ceramic is such that it will withstand high temperatures with ease and make your tea drinking time feel and look rather exclusive. Despite the design not featuring a handle, the very experience of holding the dainty cup cradled in your palm feel all the more distinctively sensorial. Much like the Japanese tea drinking ceremony where the beverage symbolizes the coming together of several of one's senses of which touch and feel and aroma are crucial. Here is one such cup sure to give you a similar experience. And while not at its usual job, will sit there on the side board adding to the beauty of the space. Buy a set of these cups and give your special tea drinking moments something to look forward to.