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House & Garden Hydro A&B uses unique formulations specifically for run to waste hydroponic systems. Hydro A&B allows for rapid nutrient uptake as effciently as possible. This powerful base nutrient has been designed to provide complete fertigation for both vegetative and flowering (generative) growth. Ideal for run-to-waste systems in rockwool, flock, perlite, clay, growstone, gravels, vermiculite or volcanic stone. Housse & Garden Hydro A&B base been precisely designed to provide the complete range of required nutrient in beautifully soluble forms using unique chelating agents. Hydro A&B in engineered to balanve optimised pH levels rapidly, resulting in more effective nutrient uptake and faster, healthier plant growth. 

House & Garden Hydro base nutrients are produced from 100% liquid base nutrients, not powders. combined with our unparalleled mixing technology in the USA and incredible zero-waste facility; Hydro A&B is the cleanest and most concentrated base nutrient on the market!

Always make sure to test your EC when using the super concentrated formulas, so you can use less for more success!