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The Hanging Pot S/2 Palm is so ornamentally fascinating and at the same time so functionally useful. The shapeliness is crafted from well refined, durable terracotta material. The earthenware moulded pot is then infused with a beach themed glazing featuring tall palm trees rendered in an appealing similitude of the organic palm trees.

Planters have become an increasingly popular item that is used in homes, corporate buildings, religious centres, governmental buildings, public spaces and parks, shops, and every other building that humans either dwell in or work in. This is due to three principal factors: the first is that they can be used to grow a variety of plants ranging from ornamental to herbs and spices; the second reason is that quite a good number of them such as this Hanging Pot S/2 Palms are immensely decorative; and the third reason is due to the awareness of the effects of global warming. This desire by every building to grow plants is one reason why you should stock up on this palm tree glazed pot.