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The Hanging Pot S/2 Island would make a lovely addition to your shop's collection of highly functional and aesthetically charming planting pot. This particular piece will especially stand out among the rest due to several factors which includes the uncompromising quality of its material component, the portable shapely mould, the bright coloured painting and the fusion of a tropical island theme through the images of palm trees.

It is a familiar and popularly known fact that few are the Islands without palm trees. These trees have come to be associated a lot with exotic islands which signify places of relaxation and comfort. In like manner, this Hanging Pot S/2 Island was made and painted with the motif of palm trees in a jungle shade of green and over an ash-white background. Apart from the calming decorative effect and perfect aesthetic backdrop which it would serve, this planter would also be functional in growing a myriad of plant species including succulents.