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One of the fastest-selling categories of homewares includes decorative planters. This is why you would be wise to stock up your store with our huge collection of functional ornamental planters such as this Hanging Pot Funky Blue. It is a functional planter, a decorative item, and a planter that is great at space optimization.

The Hanging Planter Funky Blue is a planter with versatile functionality. It is functional in growing a huge variety of both ornamental and medicinal plants. It is also functional as a practical decorative item that can be introduced to enhance both interior and exterior decor. It also comes in a space-saving design specifically tailored to suit those sets of customers who are constrained by the availability of space needed for planters. This is the reason why it is made with the option of hanging. It also comes in 2 sets of varying sizes of large and small. Your clients will find this product useful for decorating outdoor areas as well as indoors.